Historical Characters portrayed by Lesley Smith

Since 2019, Rugeley and District Lions Club have arranged for Lesley Smith the Curator at Tutbury Castle to perform at St Augustine’s Church.

Lesley is well known for her highly entertaining and informative costumed portrayals of historical characters.

She first appeared as Queen Elizabeth 1st in July 2019 and then as Nell Gwynn in November 2019.

This year in 2023, Lesley gave us Katherine Sywnford, the mistress of John of Gaunt and the ancestress of several royal dynasties. Later on this year Lesley Smith will return to portray Boudicca, the warrior queen.

Later in the year she entertained us with the harrowing portrayal of Boudica and her daughters. It was amazing to learn how this woman took on the might of the Roman Army and changed the face of British History through her sheer determination. It was a riveting watch.

Lesley Smith as Katherine Swynford

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